CMM is the freelance business of Dr. Guntram Berti, located in Bonn, Germany.

CMM — Consulting in mathematical methods

The core competence of CMM is mathematical modelling of technical and natural systems, custom design of algorithms and their correct and efficient implementation.

In order to make state-of-the-art mathematical, algorithmic and programming methods available to smaller business as well, I founded CMM. External know-how and a fresh look from the outside often can do little wonders and lead to surprising, new solutions.

A special focus of my business is on geometric computing, medical simulation as well as parallel and generic programming. I am happy to put my extensive experience in these areas at your service!

Achieving satisfactory solutions to practical problems often demands a portfolio of different approaches and experience. Working together with a number of proven experts in applied mathematics, physics and computer science, I strive to always offer first-class solutions to my customers. Together, we are ready to tackle your challenges in the optimal way!