A selection of free software by Guntram Berti

Open Source Software

Since many years, I develop geometric and mathematical software. I am happy to present some of it on this site. These software packages are freely available under different open source licenses. I hope they will be useful, and am looking forward to your feedback!

The generic library GrAL (Grid Algorithms Library) is one of the pivots of my professional life. GrAL combines in an exemplary way generic programming principles on the one hand, and geometric algorithms and data structures for meshes on the other hand.

The mesh generator Vgrid is a result of the SimBio EU-project. It is based on prior work of Ulrich Hartmann and Frithjof Kruggel. Vgrid works directly on the image data and is able to create 3D semi-structured hexahedral and unstructured tetrahedral meshes.

Mesh&More is the successor of Vgrid. It combines the basic approach of Vgrid with the generic methods from GrAL and thus achieves much greater flexibility. For instance, its core is written in a dimension-independent way.

One source of input for mesh generators like Mesh&More are implicit geometry representations, such as provided by the Shapes package.