Some events I visited or will visit. A chance to meet?

Some events, where we could meet (or have met)

Meeting C++ 2015

At Meeting C++ 2015 (4.-5. 12. 2015 in Berlin) I have talked about Generic programming for structure-aware algorithms. Slides in PDF format are available, and a recording on Youtube. Also, C++ code for the talk is on GitHub.

Mathematik in Industrie und Mittelstand MIM2015

I've co-organised the workshop Mathematik in Industrie und Mittelstand MIM2015 (mathematics for industry and smaller entreprises), Remagen, 3.3. 2015. This event brought together potential users and suppliers of mathematical methods. I've given a talk on speeding up software.

C++ Russia 2015

On the conference C++ Russia 2015 (27.-28.2.2015 in Moscow) I have talked about Generic Programming: The good, the bad, and the .... Slides are available on Slideshare.

Meeting C++ 2014

At the Meeting C++ 2014 (5.-6. 12. 2014 in Berlin) I have given a talk on Generic parallel programming for scientific and technical applications.

Parallel 2014

The conference Parallel 2014 took place from 5. to 7. May in Karlsruhe.

Meeting C++ 2013

At the Meeting C++ 2013 (8.-9. 11. 2013 in Düsseldorf) I've given a talk on Generic programming for the rest of us.

Parallel 2013

I gave a talk (in German) on different methods of parallelization of a particle-method with non-trivial data conflicts.

ACCU 2013

The annual conference of the Association of C/C++ Users in 2013 took place for the first time in Bristol (10.-13.4.2013).

C++ User Group NRW

I'm a regular visitor of the monthly meetings of the C++ User Group NRW in Düsseldorf. In the February 2013 meeting, I gave an introduction to generic programming.

Meeting C++ 2012

The Meeting C++ 2012 took place on 9.-10. 11. 2012 in Neuss.